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About EXIT Realty

Exit Realty is a full service real estate brokerage specializing in residential properties as well as commercial, land, and investment properties.  Technology is changing the way Exit real estate professionals service clients for the better. EXIT offers superior client service and a unique approach to the real estate industry.   As a result, Exit has become a major competitor in record time.

What's in a Name?
1.  EXIT is the most advertised word in the world.
2.  EXIT must be illuminated by law.
3.  EXIT suggests "SAFE PASSAGE".
4.  EXIT signs are strategically located.
5.  EXIT signs everywhere you turn - Subliminal effect.
6.  EXIT Repetition/Recognition/"MEMORY"  the real purpose of advertising. 
7.  EXIT  Four letters/Two syllables - ideal for "Memory".
8.  EXIT signs required by law. 
9.  EXIT Paid for with Other People's Money!
10. The Vendor is making an "EXIT".
11. Everybody is looking...for an EXIT ...

Call EXIT today and feel the momentum that is sweeping the country. It's not just a sign, it's a calling. Follow the EXIT sign...

Attention AGENTS !!!!!

Find out about joining the EXIT Team!  Earn more than 100% with EXIT Realty!  No desk fees!! 10% Sponsoring Residuals, 7% Retirement Residuals, 5% Beneficiary Residuals! Simply introduce someone into the company anywhere in North America and receive 10% of their gross commissions! No limit to the number of agents you can recruit!  Earn money without even selling a house! For more information call or email Carol Ridlon, EXIT Success Realty 352-346-8728 or carolridlon@yahoo.com.   New in real estate???   Ongoing training provided. Check it out today !!

 ********** EXIT Realty has paid out over $250 Million in single level residuals to associates! **********

"EXIT REALTY is destined to be the largest and most productively successful real estate company in the world."                                                         Steve Morris, Founder & CEO EXIT Realty


Real Estate Agent: The number one Happiest Job!